About Moviola Post

Who We Are

Moviola Post, is an independently owned, provider of editing systems, facility space and technical support services. In 1919 we provided film editors with the first machine for motion picture editing. Since then we have evolved into a leader in the post-production industry. We have continued to provide television and movie makers with the tools they need to tell their story. We deliver our systems to our client’s locations and we also invite our clients to utilize our facility space. We have production and post-production facilities in Hollywood, Santa Monica and Burbank. Our clients include the major, cable & streaming networks, the studios and independent production companies.

In the early sixties Joe Paskal, who at that time was a successful film editor for MGM Studios, stepped in as the new owner of Moviola. At this time he reinvented Moviola and took the company into digital age by embracing the video based edit systems. With Joe’s wisdom, knowledge and instincts he transformed and created the Moviola Post of today, which continues to be a leading full service Post-Production editorial company. Randy Paskal has continued to keep Moviola on a path that allows both our clients and employees to thrive. Additionally, Randy is responsible for bringing Filmtools and ProVideo Coalition into the Moviola family.

Through our sister companies we offer additional ways for our clients to accomplish their professional and personal goals. In an effort to help our clients invest in their future Moviola’s Education Center opened. Moviola’s Education Center is an established training center that offers professionals training on production and post production topics. Our ProVideo Coalition website is a place that allows the industry’s best to share knowledge with one another. Its PVCNews.com helps our clients keep up on the ever evolving technology related to TV and Film Production. Another resource that is a part of our family is Filmtools. Filmtools has been serving the Hollywood community as a local go-to destination for creatives looking to source production equipment.

Randy Paskal

Meet Our Awesome Team

Jenna Andrews

Jenna Andrews

SVP of Operations

Jenna Andrews is SVP of Operations at Moviola Post.  Jenna was born and raised here in Southern California.  Immediately after graduating college she followed in her family’s footsteps and started her career in post-production.  She quickly moved up the ranks from receptionist to client rep, scheduling manager and ultimately to operations management.  Jenna thrives in a fast-paced work environment and her “people-pleasing” skills have made her a natural when it comes to customer service.  Jenna is responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of our company, and is a constant here at Moviola Post which is a plus for our staff and our clients.


Michael Mostin

Senior Vice President

Michael Mostin is Senior Vice President at Moviola Post. Michael is a strong leader, “top of his class” sales professional, mentor, husband and father.  He manages all aspects of our sales efforts.  He has a love for professional sales that has allowed him to establish himself as a leader in the post-production industry.  As the future of our business continues to evolve Michael’s great reputation and strong following will never go out of style.  After all, he has been with the company for over 30 years.  Michael is all about client relationships, and always doing the right thing on his client’s behalf. Always remaining positive, contributing to every department here at Moviola, giving back to his staff and staying on top of his game is what Michael is all about!


Dan Gillett

VP of Sales

Moviola’s Director of Sales, Dan Gillett, is a twenty plus year veteran of the post production industry. Prior to joining Moviola in 2010, Dan managed the post-production sound facilities for both Warner Bros. and Todd-AO. Dan began his career supervising post for TV specials and the Electronic Press Kits for over 50 films. A transplant from Cincinnati, Ohio, Dan received a BA in Psychology from the University of Michigan. Yes sports fans, he was born a buckeye, but he bleeds maize and blue. On weekends, Dan likes to spend his time road biking, golfing, listening to music, or hanging at the beach with his family.


Our Sister Companies

ProVideo Coalition brings together the film industry’s best writers, bloggers and video experts under one URL. Each writer / filmmaker / contributor writes based on their personal knowledge and experience. PVC has become the leading resource for video professionals working in major studios and post houses, independent filmmakers, educators, students and storytelling enthusiasts as the place to go for news, information, reviews and training.

This award-winning site provides comprehensive information on both production and post-production in multi-distribution film, online, mobile, and broadcast environments. PVC is owned by Moviola, headquartered in the heart of Hollywood and dedicated to the film industry since 1919. We rent, educate and sell product through our sister companies: Moviola Digital, moviola.com, Moviola Education Center, and Filmtools.com.
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