Four Locations

Moviola Post operates four state-of-the-art facilities in Los Angeles. Our facilities offer a comfortable and creative space for the editorial process to transpire. We have rental suites in Hollywood, Santa Monica and two locations in Burbank. From a single edit bay to enough space to house your writers, casting team, executives and editors, we will have you covered.

Moviola’s Post Production Facilities are here to provide you with fully furnished editorial bays, writer rooms, production and post production offices. All of Moviola’s facilities offer full-service Avid Editing Systems and Network Storage.

At our place or yours, you will always get our 24/7 technical support.

· Customizable Editing Bays
· Producer, Writer and Executive Office Space
· Bullpens and Shared Work Areas
· Conference Rooms, Lounges, Kitchens, Verandas and Roof Top Decks
· Server Room/Data Center for Network Storage
· High-Speed and Wifi Internet
· IP Phone System
· Secured Keycard Access
· 24/7 Building Access
· 24/7 Air-Conditioning
· Shared Kitchen, Lounge and Lobby
· Janitorial Services
· IT Support Services
· Reserved, Unreserved and Valet Parking